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Withdrawals for Medical Reasons:

Undergraduate Students:

Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies in University Hall 215 or 818-677-2969.

Graduate Students

Per Executive Order 1037:

6.d. Withdrawals after the census date and prior to the last twenty percent of instruction may be assigned only for serious and compelling reasons. Permission to withdraw during this time shall be granted only with the approval of the instructor and the department chair and/or dean as described by campus policy. All requests to withdraw under these circumstances and all approvals shall be documented as prescribed by the campus. The requests and approvals shall state the reasons for the withdrawal. Records of such approvals shall be maintained in accordance with the campus record retention policy.

6.e. Withdrawals shall not be permitted during the final twenty percent of instruction except in cases, such as accident or serious illness, where the cause of withdrawal is due to circumstances clearly beyond the student's control and the assignment of an Incomplete is not practicable. Requests for permission to withdraw under these circumstances shall be handled and filed as indicated in the preceding paragraph, except that such requests must also be approved by the academic administrator appointed by the president to act in such matters.

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Complete/Partial Medical Withdrawals

A medical withdrawal usually constitutes complete withdrawal from the university for the academic period in question. Requests for complete medical withdrawals should be submitted as soon as possible after the medical condition impairs the students' ability to complete the coursework for which the student is registered. Requests may also be submitted by an authorized representative of the student.

Requests for conditions or circumstances that arise during the final three weeks of instruction or thereafter, will only be considered in cases of severe illness or injury. Petitions requesting retroactive withdrawals beyond one year after the conclusion of the semester for which the withdrawal is requested will not be considered.

Graduate Students who wish to apply for a possible withdrawal for medical reasons after the census date may contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 818-677-2138, or may contact the Klotz Student Health Center Assistant to the Director Sylvia Freiberg at 818-677-3691.

To apply for a withdrawal for medical reasons:

As noted in the form, you will need a signed letter on letterhead from your healthcare provider that supports your application.

  • Bring the completed application and letter to Room 242 in the Student Health Center and give it to Sylvia Freiberg. She will arrange for Dr. Chassiakos, the SHC Director, to review your application. If your reason for a medical withdrawal is approved as valid, you will be given an approval form by Sylvia to take to your Instructor(s), Department Administrator (Dean or Associate Dean) and the Interim Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies for the EO 1037 required signatures.

Additionally, it is important that graduate students understand that the following:

  • Withdrawals for medical reasons may affect a student's Academic Status. Please contact Admissions and Records at x3700, option 7.
  • The Klotz SHC does not handle refunds. Questions about possible refunds should be directed to Student Financial Services at x2310.
  • Withdrawals for medical reasons may affect a student's Financial Aid. Students are encouraged to contact Financial Aid at x4085, option 5.
  • International Students: A withdrawal may affect your student visa. Please contact International Programs at x3053 before you submit your application.
  • Veterans: A withdrawal may affect your Veterans' Benefits. Please contact Veteran Student Services at x5928 before you submit your application.
  • To ensure their health and safety, some students granted a medical withdrawal will require written clearance from their healthcare provider to return to school. This clearance should be provided prior to registration to Sylvia in Room 242.

The application form for the graduate student withdrawal for medical reasons is found here.

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