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Are you looking for ways to enjoy your free time without the burden of drugs and alcohol? Consider the following ideas and resources to "party" substance-free.

  • Serve "Mocktails" at your next party. "Mocktails" taste great and combine non-alcoholic mixers, sodas, and juices together to create look-alike drinks without alcohol. People who serve "Mocktails" at their parties can offer drinks that look just like alcoholic drinks and respect their non-drinking friends.
  • Choose activities based on your hobbies. It's a great way to meet people who think like you do! The Matador Involvement Center has opportunities for volunteers who would like to assist the greater campus community.
  • The San Fernando Valley and nearby communities are home to thousands of activities, including nature trails, cultural events, movie theaters, and amusement parks. Explore your world!

Janis Martin, CATC, CH Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Counselor

If your alcohol or substance use is becoming a concern or if setting boundaries around friends who use drugs and/or alcohol is difficult for you, consider speaking confidentially to a trained professional. Janis Martin, Wellness Coach is available for confidential appointments at the Klotz Student Health Center. Call 818-677-3685 to schedule an appointment.

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