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The Klotz Student Health Center is part of a larger university whose history begins in 1956 as the San Fernando Valley campus of the Los Angeles State College of Applied Arts and Sciences. Two years later, in July, 1958, the college became a separate entity, the San Fernando Valley State College. In June of 1972, it was re-named California State University, Northridge. It is now one of twenty-three campuses of The California State University (CSU) system. Before moving to its current location in 1976, the Klotz Student Health Center was originally located in three adjoining temporary quarters near its present site. The Klotz Student Health Center is named after Addie L. Klotz, MD.

Addie L. Klotz, MD, MPH - A Standard of Achievement

During the fifty-two years since her birth in 1927, Dr. Addie L. Klotz managed to achieve top professional status in an amazing variety of careers. She was a physician, a director of health service, a professor, a lecturer, a consultant, a frequently published writer, a participant in radio, television, and film programs, a professional musician and a scholar - to name just a few of her accomplished titles.

A Beneficial Force at CSUN

During the eighteen-year period between 1959-1977, Dr. Klotz worked closely with the University as a physician and lecturer. She was appointed Director of Health Services from 1961 to 1972. Under her direction, the CSUN Health Center was the first such program in the nation to be accredited by the American College Health Association. It was also under her direction that the new Student Health Center building was planned and constructed.

A Humanitarian

Dr. Klotz was immensely popular with students and academic colleagues. She was a strong and articulate advocate of comprehensive student health service. It was largely through her remarkable dedication that sexual counseling and medical services are provided today. The entire community has benefited from her service as committee member in over 50 various agencies and as Director of the San Fernando Valley Health Consortium.

When Dr. Klotz became aware of her cancer in 1977, she wrote an article for the L.A. Times about cancer. This quote sums up her feelings about herself and how others felt about her:

"When I'm alone with my thoughts in the early morning hours, rather than say to myself, 'I'm a cancer patient with disseminated disease,' it sound and feels much better if I say aloud, 'I'm a dynamic, exciting woman who happens at this moment to have a new challenge.'"

The world is a better place because of Addie Lou Klotz.
(Dedication Ceremony-Addie L. Klotz Student Health Center, October 23, 1981)

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