Class 1

Table of Contents

  1. SPED595T
    Application of Technology in Special Education
  2. Course Overview SPED595T
  3. What is Assistive Technology (AT)?
  4. General Types of High Tech AT
  5. Low Tech Types of Assistive Technology
  6. What are some of the Challenges?
  7. Hierarchy of Experience
  8. Hierarchy of Experience
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Hierarchy of Experience

Johnson, D.J. & Myklebust, H.R. Learning Disabilities, Grune & Stratton, New York, 1967




1) Activation of sensorineural structures

2) Ability to differentiate between stimuli via the sensory channels and for the brain to give stimuli meaning


3) Comprehensive frame of reference for information and the sequence and storing of it

4) Ability to represent experience through language either verbally or nonverbally

5) Abstraction of ideas, generalization, abstract problem solving categorical reasoning

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