There is always something to volunteer for, so here is a place where you can keep track of all the great opportunities SDFSA has to offer.


  • CSUN Policy Day – 4/21¬†If any SDFSA member wants to make sure he/she gets Active Membership status for Spring semester, volunteering for this event will count towards TWO (2) events! Click¬†HERE¬†to sign up!
  • Garden Build Days
    There is one more weekend of garden build days with MEND!¬†The Garden Project at MEND is in need for lots of volunteers on¬†Sunday, April 13¬†starting at¬†9am. All the families we have built gardens for will be coming to MEND to pick up plants.¬†Please let¬†Diwata¬†know if you will be able to attend¬†this Saturday¬†or Sunday’s build.
  • CSA Volunteers Needed¬†
    Volunteers are needed to help with CSA box distribution. Please contact Nicki if you are interested! 

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