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Food and Nutrition Lecture Series

Food and Nutrition Lecture Series Featuring David A. Wiss, MS, RDN, CPT Topic: Hormones and Addiction Registered Dietitan Mr. Wiss is the founder of Nutrition In Recovery, which provides nutrition education, counseling, and consulting to residential treatment centers, outpatient facilities, sober livings, and other recovery environments. Mr. Wiss believes that nutrition is an under-addressed component of substance abuse recovery. By encouraging behavior change with respect to food, Nutrition In Recovery contributes to positive long-term treatment outcomes. Read More

Food and Nutrition Lecture Series

Food and Nutrition Lecture Series Featuring Rob R. Unal PhD Topic: Our Friendly Microbiota- Probiotics Dr. Unal’s expertise includes food safety management system, food laws and regulations, growth kinetics of probiotics and other lactic acid bacteria, inactivation and rapid detection of food-borne pathogens, fluorescent microscopy and immunodiagnostic assays, emerging food processing technologies, designing effective food safety control programs to meet consumer, regulatory and operational needs. Read More

Food and Nutrition Lecture Series III

Welcome Back, Our next Food and Nutrition Lecture Series is Bone Health and Injury Among Athletes- Featuring Michelle Barrack-Gardner, Ph.D., R.D.!

Dr. Michelle Barrack-Gardner is an Assistant Professor of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science. Her research interests include studying the interrelationships between nutrition, exercise, and bone health in adolescents, the Female Athlete Triad, and nutrition and sport performance.

When: March 18, 2014
Where: Sequoia Hall 112
Time: 1:00 PM

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