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The Executive Board Members are responsible for all aspects of the SDFSA. New Board Members are elected at the end of each Spring semester for a year-long term.

Officers & Advisors

Officers & Advisors



President (1) (Executive Position)

The President’s job is to serve as the leader of the organization, provide direction for the members and officers, run the board meetings, oversee all official events, guide and oversee all activities of the officers, and make decisions that will shape the future of SDFSA.  The President will protect the integrity of SDFSA making sure that activities and communications are an appropriate reflection of SDFSA values and mission. (Note: Only students who have been active members of SDFSA for at least two semesters prior to running for office are eligible to become President.)

Vice Presidents (2) (Executive Position)

The Vice Presidents serve as assistants to the President and are prepared to take over Presidential duties in the absence of the President. The Vice Presidents are also responsible for organizing the symposiums and the lecture series.

Secretaries (2) (Executive Position)

The Secretaries serve as the record keepers. They take minutes of the meetings and distribute them to members. They are responsible for keeping the organization running smoothly. Additionally, they oversee the election process.

Treasurer (1) (Executive Position)

The Treasurer works closely with President, Vice Presidents, Fundraising Officers and other event chairs to promote and maintain the financial status of the organization. The Treasurer maintains the SDFSA budget and assists in setting budgets for each of the organization’s events.

Ways & Means Officer (1)

The Ways and Means Officer is responsible for contacting new and existing sponsors, including SCiftS and other professional organizations, to provide donations to the organization; collects money or in-kind donations; procures supplies (i.e. food items, paper products, etc.) that may be used for events; works with Fundraising Treasurers to obtain raffle items for fundraising.

Fundraising Treasurers (2)

The Fundraising Treasurers’ tasks include planning for fundraising events; coming up with ideas for fundraising; organizing and supervising fundraisers; working with the Ways and Means Officer to obtain raffle items; keeping receipts of all money spent and earned for fundraising; and turning earned funds over to the Treasurer to be deposited into the SDFSA bank account.

Historian (1)

The Historian is responsible for keeping a photographic history of the clubs activities for the year; creates a photo album to document the year’s events, participants and accomplishments; photos taken may also be used for the website, social media sites, publicity, newsletters, etc.; and ensures that the Web Admin and other appropriate persons receive or have access to photos. They are diligent in their efforts to capture all of the activities SDFSA is involved in including photographs of the officers individually, SDFSA members as a group, photos of tabling for recruitment, fundraisers, etc

Publicity (1)

The Publicity Officer is responsible for promoting and representing SDFSA to CSUN and the community. They design and distribute promotional flyers for meetings and events and are responsible for recruiting new member for the organization.

Editors (2)

The Editors’ responsibilities are to design and publish two newsletters, one in fall semester and one in spring semester; solicit contributions (club officers are required to submit at least one article a year); proofread, edit and design a layout for all submitted materials; decide the content of the newsletter and make sure the content is representative of the interests of the profile of the membership and include both food science and nutrition information; choose and learn to use a publishing format (such as Microsoft Publisher); set deadlines for article submissions; submit to Advisors to proofread; publicize the newsletter throughout campus to increase readership; maintain an updated list of university contacts; and publish the newsletter and distribute by the last meeting of each semester.

Chief Communications Officer (1)

The Chief Communications Officer acts as the liaison between SDFSA, other FCS Club, the greater CSUN community, and the nutrition community at large (AND, LAD, and CDA). The Chief Communications Officer maintains an email list of all SDFSA members, the Advisor and Marilyn Magaram Center personnel and distributes information pertinent to the SDFSA membership; attends the FCS-Coordination Council meetings; sends emails to members on behalf of other officers, including events and meetings; follows the Communications strategy; represents SDFSA’s interests in FCS events; provides approval of all external communication to ensure proper grammar and professionalism before anything is sent out; and respond to member and nonmember inquiries received via email. The Chief Communications Officer must act in a timely manner.

Web Administration Officer (1)

The Web Administration Officer designs, maintains and updates the SDFSA website with upcoming events; posts new materials such as flyers on the website; updates the master calendar on the website with all SDFSA events and activities; ensures the website is updated and functioning properly; communicates with and monitors professional organizations such as AND, CDA, LAD, IFT, SCIFTS, HHD, FCS, etc. regarding posting SDFSA events on their websites and promoting their events that align with SDFSA’s mission; maintains and updates Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts regularly; serves as the liaison with the CSUN IT department in order to maintain the SDFSA website at the highest quality; oversees any necessary updates to the site format and aesthetics.

Legislative Officer (1)

The Legislative Officer is responsible for keeping the membership informed and updated on nutrition and food science public policy news and legislation at the local, state, and federal levels. The Legislative Officer keeps encourages members to be proactive in legislative issues pertinent to nutrition and food science fields. He or she is also responsible for informing members about student opportunities available in relevant professional organizations, such as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Institute of Food Technologists.

SDFSA BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Officer Positions & Duties <~~~~~ Click for in detail of Position & duties.


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