Our wonderful Advisors– Dr. Terri Lisagor, Dr. Elizabeth Sussman

Our wonderful Advisors– Dr. Terri Lisagor & Dr. Elizabeth Sussman


Dr. Terri Lisagor 

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Dr. Terri Lisagor is a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition and Chair of the Department of Family & Consumer Sciences at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). She received her doctorate in Organizational Leadership in Education from Pepperdine University, her MS in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science from CSUN, and her BA and lifetime teaching credential from UCLA.  Her private practice focuses on the nutritional management of childhood obesity, chronic illness, and eating disorders. Since 1995, she has coordinated a nutrition and oral hygiene education program for an indigenous population in Guatemala, focusing on nutrition-related disease prevention. She is a consultant in the implementation of educational programs in the pediatric dental setting, locally, nationally, and internationally; and since 1997, has presented lectures to the Pediatric Dental and Orthodontic Residents at the UCLA School of Dentistry. She recently received the American Academy of Dietetics’ Outstanding Dietetic Educator Award and the CSUN Distinguished Teaching Award.


Dr. Elizabeth Sussman

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Dr. Elizabeth Sussman is an Assistant Professor of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at California State University, Northridge. Her degrees include a Ph.D. in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness from Arizona State University, a M.S. in Applied Physiology and Nutrition from Columbia University, and a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from California State University, Long Beach. In addition, Dr. Sussman completed the dietetic internship at Long Island University. With three years of clinical experience as a renal dietitian, Dr. Sussman’s research interest centers around micronutrient deficiencies in kidney failure patients.  She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and currently teaches FCS 207 and 403.

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