SDFSA Officer Elections!

SDFSA Officer Elections are here!!!

Campus leadership experience is a must on a resume and it’s an amazing opportunity to make new friends within the department. – Amanda Blake ~ Editor

Network with fellow peers, leadership experience, professional growth, community engagement, improve your skills working in groups, meet the FCS staff, enjoyment, make friends, meet RDs in the Dietetic and food science field, market yourself… - Pedro Argueta ~ Vice-President 


Be an Officer!

3/25 – 4/1 Submit photo & Statement to VPs. [Statement 2-3 sentences only]

4/15 1-Minute speech at morning meeting

4/15 – 4/24 Voting on Moodle [ All membersthe meeting!

Officer Descriptions & Constitution are on Moodle and our website. E-mail Walter & Pedro with any questions.










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