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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

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Department Office

  • Telephone: 818-677-2580
  • Fax: 818-677-2582
  • Education 1208
  • 18111 Nordhoff Street
  • Northridge CA, 91330-8265

Why Become a Secondary School Teacher?

No job is more important than educating our nation's youth. Teaching in a middle school or a high school offers an opportunity to make a real contribution to society. As a teacher you convey the knowledge and skills that the next generation must have to become effective citizens.

The skills you need and develop as a teacher are important for virtually all other jobs. You have to interact with many people, plan and organize large amounts of information, communicate both in writing and orally, effectively manage time, and make dozens of important decisions daily. Obviously, teaching is also an excellent career choice if you enjoy working with young people.

A secondary school teacher's job is not an easy one. It carries with it tremendous responsibility and its share of frustration. But teaching at this level also provides a wonderful opportunity to offer your talents and your hopes to our young people who are rapidly changing from teenagers to young men and women.The need for good teachers will continue to grow in most subject areas but will be particularly acute in bilingual education, mathematics and science.

teacher photoTeaching offers:

Once you become a credentialed teacher and gain experience in the classroom, other opportunities are open to you. In California, there is a mentor teacher program that involves superior teachers helping other teachers with instructional methods and curriculum developments. There are also opportunities to become computer coordinators, school counselors and school administrators at individual schools and at district central offices.

teacher photoWhy Study For a Teaching Credential at CSUN?

By earning your teaching credential through the Department of Secondary Education at California State University, Northridge, you will take classes in our new School of Education building. There you will find credential programs for most subjects in the secondary school curriculum, taught by professors who themselves were former teachers and who specialize in your area of teaching. Courses combine theory with hands on experiences in a variety of multicultural, multilingual, public school classrooms. As a credential candidate you will be able to enjoy our state of the art computer laboratories where you can send and receive email, browse the World Wide Web, and print out lesson plans and other valuable teaching resources.

What Courses Are Required?

The secondary education program qualifying you for a California Single Subject Teaching Credential may be completed in 3 semesters and no prerequisite courses are required for admission. The program is flexible and can be completed part-time or full-time, day or night (excluding student teaching). Candidates may also be able to apply up to nine units of selected credential courses towards a Master's Degree in Secondary Education.

teacher-mathWe're waiting for you to make a difference.

The Teacher Preparation Program at CSUN assumes the following purposes and outcomes

We believe that the educator is a reflective practitioner.

Through a program in general education, academic majors and professional preparation including field experiences, candidates are expected to acquire: