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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Elementary Education

Masters in Education - Elementary Multilingual / Multicultural Education

Both monolingual English teachers and bilingual teachers select this option to refine their skills in tailoring instruction to the needs of students learning English as a second language. The focus is on teaching in diverse settings where children from several different cultural and linguistic backgrounds are found. Use of formal and informal assessment in the evaluation of learners is emphasized. Research-based strategies for providing English Learners access to the core curriculum are utilized in curriculum planning and execution.

Required in Specialization
Program Prerequisite
EED 501 Intro. to Grad. Studies in Elem. Ed.

Required in All Specializations

EDUC 600 Research in Education - 3 units
(required within first 9 units)
EDUC 610 Issues in Education - 4 units
EED 601 Curric. Instruc. Reflect. Teacher
- 2 units

(Required within first 2 semesters)

EED 602 Applying Technology to Curric. Goals
-2 units

Prerequisite: EED 613

EED 626 Literacy Instruct. for EngI. Learners - 3 units
EED 670 Research Applications in ESL Inst. - 3 units**
EED 671 Sem. Multiling./Multicult. Education - 3 units**
EED 674 Bil./Multiling. Curriculum - 3 units**
EED 675 Bil./Multiling. Teaching Strategies - 3 units**
(To be arranged WI Graduate Advisor) - 4 units
EED 698
Thesis or Grad. Project (3)***
or Comprehensive Examination

Total units required in this specialization 30

**Preequisite: EDUC 600
***Prerequisite: Acceptance by thesis committee