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Video Support (Spring 2013)

Hello Student Teachers and Interns (and Seminar Instructors)!

Please read this important information about making your video for the PACT or Preliminary Teaching Event.

There are several types of support available:

  1. Camera Checkout

    The Oviatt Library’s Teacher Curriculum Center (TCC) has a set of video cameras reserved ONLY for Secondary Education Department candidates who are making a video for a PACT or Preliminary Teaching Event. Some use mini-DVD's while others use memory cards. You can also check out a wireless microphone and tripod. You can keep this equipment for two consecutive days. These cameras may be checked out in the TCC at the Oviatt Library, Garden Level (entrance through the Library), during Library hours (http://library.csun.edu/LibraryHours.php) with your CSUN ID card. You are responsible for returning this equipment on time and in working order. The Library will impose fine of $1 per day for late return (up to a maximum of $10). You will also be responsible for returning the equipment in working order or you will be assessed replacement costs. You are welcome to use a non-department camera for your Teaching Event; however, the technical support that we can give may be more limited.

  2. PACT Video Orientation Sessions

    Three identical Orientation sessions have been scheduled as follows:

    Wednesday, February 205:00 – 6:00 pm (Room 2117)
    Friday, February 224:00 – 5:00 pm (Room 2117)
    Tuesday, February 264:00 – 5:00 pm (Room 1214)

    If you have never attended a PACT Video Orientation, it is important that you attend one of these! The Orientation Session will explain how to download your video and compress it so that it is ready for uploading to TaskStream and will offer tips for shooting video. These sessions are intended to orient you BEFORE you begin your Teaching Event, so they are demonstrations, not hands-on labs. To make sure you have a spot, please RSVP to this Doodle Poll (first 30 to respond each day have searing priority).


  3. Hands-On Seminar Support

    Most likely, your seminar instructor will reserve a computer lab for one or more seminar sessions, on a date when you are expected to have already shot your video. On this night, you will receive technology assistance for downloading, compressing, and uploading to TaskStream. It is important for you to have your video clips shot and selected by this date so that you can take advantage of the assistance!

  4. Walk-In Emergency Help

    Walk-in lab sessions with assistance available have been scheduled near the due dates for the PACT and Preliminary Teaching Events. Do NOT count on using these last-minute labs as your sole source of video support! These sessions are intended as EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE for candidates who have attended an Orientation Session and attempted to compress and upload their video clips in the hands-on seminar session but are still experiencing technical problems. These sessions will be held on:

    Friday, March 222:00 - 5:00 pm (Room 2115B)
    Friday, April 52:00 - 5:00 pm (Room 2115B)
    Friday, April 192:00 - 5:00 pm (Room 2115B)
  5. Student Computer Lab

    Room 2115A is reserved for student computer use.

    • Some iMacs in 2115A have the ImToo Software for compressing video shot on mini-DVDs. Warning: Do not insert a mini-DVD disc into the slot-loading drive on any iMac machine; it will be lost! Instead, use the one iMac has an external DVD drive that can read mini-DVD discs.
    • All PCs have the Free Video2iPod software for video shot on the Canon FS200, and RER software for video shot on a mini-DVD. Directions for using these programs are posted on the computers that have it (and covered during the Orientation Session) and are demonstrated in a video posted at:
  6. SED PACT Website

    Much information about making your video, including instructions for shooting and converting video for many different models of camcorders, can be found at:


What Not To Do!!

I know that the video can be the most logistically problematic part of the Teaching Event for many candidates. If you take advantage of the support described here, you should be successful. I wish you the best on your PACT or Preliminary Teaching Event!

Julie Gainsburg
PACT Coordinator, Secondary Education Department