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Video Format, Conversion and Uploading

Video Information

File format

TaskStream accepts popular computer video file formats (MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV), but we recommend Quicktime (MP4 or MOV) . 

Storage Limits

The storage limit for each clip is 100 MB, and the storage limit for the entire teaching event (video, text, scanned documents), is 500 MB (as of 9/08).  You may have to adjust the length or format of a clip so that it fills up much of the screen while staying under the 100 megabyte limit.


The most straightforward method is to shoot a video using a digital camcorder, in QuickTime (m4a or MOV) format, finalize the disk on the camera, and upload the clips directly to TaskStream. Unfortunatley, not all recorders record in Quicktime format.

Converting to Quicktime

If you shoot video in a format other than QuickTime, you can covert the video clips to QuickTime formats by using software and procedures specific to either the Macintosh or PC platforms.  The URL for the video conversion instructions is:   http://www.csun.edu/~edtech/video/   . The computer in the student lab (2115A) have thi

What type of media / recorder do you have?