Presented here are some of the latest images produced over the past months by Brad Wallis and
Robert Provin. The majority of these images were taken with Astro-Physics EDF refractors which
feature superior color correction and flat photographic fields covering up to 4x5 inch format films.
The authors also employLosmandy GM-200 equatorial mounts and SBIG ST-4 autoguiders.
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Brad Wallis has recently acquired a 12.5 inch f/9 Ritchey-Chretien. Be sure and check out the
CCD and photographic images produced with this instrument.

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"If it don't work, chrome it." -Dick Nelson

Photographic Images, 35mm to 4x5 inch formats (AP refractors).

The California Nebula The Trifid Nebula (color)
The Gamma Cygnus region The Whirlpool Galaxy (color)
The North America Nebula Omega Centaurus (color)
IC1396 M-22
M-33 (The Pinwheel) M-13 (color)
M-33 (color) M-11 (color)
NGC-7293 M-17 (The Swan) (color)
The Snake Nebula M-33 (raw color)
M-8 (The Lagoon) M-8 and M-20 (color)
M-31 Veil Nebula (color)
The Veil Nebula Complex M-42 (color)
Barnard 142/143 M-8 (color)

CCD Images, including tri-color work (AP refractors).

M-101 M-42 (tri-color)
M-101 no.2 NGC-1975 (tri-color)
M-8 (The Lagoon) AE Aurigae (tri-color)
M-16 (The Eagle) NGC-2903
M-17 (The Swan) The Horsehead Nebula

Photographic Images (Ritchey-Chretien).

M-16 (color) M-33 (color)
M-22 (color) NGC-7293 (color)
M-20 (The Trifid) (color) NGC-253 (color)
M-27 (The Dumbbell) (color) The Veil Nebula (color)
Gamma Cygnus Region (color) NGC-6888 (color)
VDB-142 (color) The Pelican Nebula (color)
M-13 (color) The Cocoon Nebula (color)
M-17 (color) NGC-7635 (color)

CCD Images (Ritchey-Chretien).

M-1 (The Crab Nebula) The Horsehead Nebula
M-13 Abell 1656
M-95 NGC-2903

Recent Astronomical Events (various instruments).

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Mars, The 2003 Opposition
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A revolutionary new technology by Benoit Schillings and Brad Wallis that dramatically
improves resolution in long exposure imaging!

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