Paradise Falls in Wildwood Canyon
Wildwood Park,
City of Thousand Oaks
Ventura County

March 28, 2001

An unbelievably diverse park managed by Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency, Wildwood
hosts beautiful geologic formations and a wide range of plant and animal species. The spring
wildflower show is not to be missed! And with an extensive trail system, nearly every corner
of this fabulous park can be explored!

Moonridge Trail. A fun little hike, taking us from the lower parking area, toward the Mesa Trail
area (grassland) where most of the flowers photographed here were found.

Chalk live forever (Dudleya pulverulenta) Some time ago I discovered this wonderful plant and thought I had seen a rare and exotic species...only to find that it grows everywhere! But it remains an all time favorite of mine nonetheless.

Owl's clover (Castilleja). This photo might demonstrate how this plant got its name (look for the "owl's face" have to be creative).

Shooting star (Dodecatheon clevelandii) is found in masses along a tiny trail (Stagecoach trail?) just south of Mesa Trail (photo taken March 1, 2000).

Seed pods of the shooting star (photo taken April 7, 2000)

A white colored shooting star, quite a standout from the masses of pink blooms.

Chocolate lilies (Fritillaria biflora) hide cleverly in tall grasses on a north facing slope, easy to miss even when you are standing three feet from it.

A backlit shot of the chocolate lily emphasizes the delicate detail of its coloring.

Paintbrush (Wooly paintbrush?) (Castilleja foliosa?)

Another unknown Allium. Very oniony scent; found in droves on a rocky, exposed slope.

Closeup of the allium.


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