Photographic Notes

Camera and equipment
All photographs were taken with a Nikon 8008 camera (incredible, bright viewing screen).
Lenses used: 24mm (2.8), 60mm micro (2.8), 80-200mm ED zoom lens (2.8), and a 55mm (1.8).
All are AF Nikkor lenses. I don't use a hand held meter, as the 8008 has a remarkably sensitive
and accurate meter built in. Every shot utilizes natural lighting and existing conditions. I never
use flash units (I don't own any), shades, reflectors, or backdrops.

I use only two types of film. Older photos are Kodachrome 64 or 200. Recently, however, I have
been very displeased with processing results (damage, dirty negs, etc). So, I have switched
to Fugichrome Provia (100) (good color and grain).

Digital manipulation
All my film is professionally processed. However, for the images on this site, I scanned the slides
using a Polaroid Sprintscan 35 Plus. (A superb scanner, dedicated solely to slide and negative
scanning. Typically, flatbed scanners are not great for scanning slides/negs...the quality just isn't
there). Adjustments of the image are done in Adobe Photoshop. All slides are scanned at 72 dpi
(screen resolution). When I have a final product I'm happy with (and only then), I run
a "sharpen" routine on the image (mandatory for all scanned images typically).


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