Ann Dittmer's Lunar Photography

Sizing up the scope!

Here's a sampling of lunar photos taken with an Astro-Physics 6-inch EDF
refractor and an Astro-Physics 600E equatorial mount.
Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

  • Six Day Moon
  • Aristoteles and Eudoxus Region
  • Sacrobosco and Maurolyscus Region
  • Gassendi Region
  • Copernicus Region
  • Closeup of Copernicus
  • Longomontanus Region

  • Images with the new Astro-Physics 130mm f/6 EDF Refractor!

  • The Straight Wall
  • Close-up of the Straight Wall
  • Eratosthenes and the Apennines

  • Find out about the nuts and bolts of preparing for the perfect lunar photograph!

    What I do while waiting for the moon to rise!

    Moon Fun!

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