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I traveled all around Europe during the summer of 2003 and here are some pictures I took and stories of things I saw and did.

United Kingdom

This picture was taken from the top of The Monument facing Tower Bridge and that egg-shaped building to the right is the city hall of London. I was in London in March of 2002 and they had just finished building it and I thought it was some of the strangest architecture I had ever seen.


Green into blue. When you think of Ireland, this is exactly what you think of. And it's true. The grass just falls into the ocean. We took a train a bit outside of Dublin, stopped in a random town. And this is what we found.


This picture was taken from the Arche de Triumph. I walked all the way top to the top and had a great view all around Paris because it is very well centered in the city.

The Netherlands

Amsterdam was not what I expected at all, city-wise. It had a very Venice-feel to it, being the entire city was filled with canals except that cars, bikes and trams where all over the place, ready to run you over at any moment. The weather here changes at a moments notice. It was raining hard one moment and sunny the next. Benches all over the city made it a great place to grab a book and sit, read and people watch for hours.


This is San Marco Square, the most famous square in Venice. Look how empty it is and it's the middle of the day! From my travels last year compared the years past, Europe was very empty this year. San Marco's Square contains the Campanile, the tall bell tower that I have cut the top off of and the Basilica in the far background.

And for no reason but make my friend Alicia in Boston happy, but a shout-out to good old Eagle Rock, the kegger capital of the world.

Final update: 22 April 2004

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