Lab's first VR project (S. Mastoub, 1997)

Graphics and Mobile Computing Lab

This page describes the graphics activities in the lab.
The mobile computing research and development activities are done under professor A. Nahapetian's supervision.

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The lab is in Jacaranda Hall     JD 2212 ( second floor).
If you want to participate, contribute, have questions, or want a tour contact G. Michael Barnes by email .


The VR lab supports several current projects and will try to support all contributing individuals and their projects. The lab can be used for faculty and directed graduate and undergraduate projects.

Active Projects

Completed Projects

  1. David Lu Testing the Effects of Memory Structures and Recall on Non Playable Characters in Unity3D , Aug 2013, abstract (pdf).
  2. Bjorn Davis Terrain Generation Engine using Voxels , May 2013, abstract (pdf).
  3. Lianhua Shen Face Recognition and Disguise , May 2013, abstract (pdf).
  4. Phillip Malinoski Object Detection and Recognition for UAV , May. 2012, abstract (pdf).
  5. Stephen Burns Virtual Reality Simulation using Stereoscopic Vision and Motion Tracking , Dec. 2011, abstract (pdf).
  6. Jeremy Staples Serious and Purposeful Video Game Environments , May. 2011, abstract (pdf).
  7. Javier Reyes, Data Glove Interface for a Virtual Environment , May. 2010, abstract (pdf).
  8. Kristofer Shinn, Digital Signal Processing with a GPGPU Implementation , May. 2010, abstract (pdf).
  9. Luis Vasconez, Threat Analysis using Fuzzy Logic applied to the Evading and Chasing Algorithm , May. 2010, abstract (pdf).
  10. Dennis Walsh, Parallel Collision Detection Utilizing the CUDA Architecture adn DirectX9 , May. 2010, abstract (pdf).
  11. Atsuya Takagi, MultiTouchJ: A Wii Remote and Video Projector User Interface. , May. 2009, abstract (pdf).
  12. Neha Limaye, A C# Managed DirectX Client Server Library for Shared Environments , Dec. 2007, abstract (pdf).
  13. Kristina Shroyer, A Study of 3D Facial Modeling and Aging with Project Applications in MAYA , May 2007, abstract (pdf).
  14. Khaleel Ali, Shading Language for 3D Graphics , May 2006, abstract (pdf).
  15. Francisco Vassallo, Starship Combat Game: Anchors Aweigh, Dec. 2003, abstract (pdf).
  16. Qi Fang, A Small Architecture Oriented Volumen Modeler, May 2003, abstract (pdf).
  17. Joeseph Parham, Facial Animation Using Dynamic Subdivision Surfaces , May 2003, abstract (pdf).
  18. Henry Demirchian, Stereo 3D Presentation of the Human Digestive System, Dec. 2002, abstract (pdf).
  19. Michael Stark, A Glove Gesture and 3D Position Tracking Interface, Dec. 2002, abstract (pdf).
  20. Irina Goldman, Visualizing Java Class Libraries, May 2002. abstract (pdf).
  21. Peeti Jittiphalangsri, Space Battle : a networked multi user game, December 2001, abstract (pdf).
  22. Ying Qian, Developing a Multi-user, Shared, Java 3D API Behavior Class, December 2000 Master thesis, abstract (pdf).
  23. Qi Wang, 3D Graphical Representation of Object Oriented Programs, December 2000 Master thesis abstract (pdf).
  24. Inga Leu, Troubled Bubbles: A Java 3D Game, May 2000 Master thesis abstract (pdf).
  25. Ervin Bakhshian, Pepi: a study of Facial Animation with Maya, December 1999 Master thesis abstract (pdf).
  26. Hanna Issa, A Three Dimensional File Visualization Tool using Java 3D, December 1999 Master thesis abstract ( pdf).
  27. Mark McCluskey, Visual Fatique Assoicated with Stereoscopic Head Mounted Displays, December 1999 Psychology Master thesis abstract.
  28. Vartan Nazarian, Video Telepresence: A Remote Control Camera, December 1999 Master thesis abstract and screen pictures (pdf).
  29. Lynne Winner, Virtual World Command and Output Experiment , December 1997 Master thesis abstract .
  30. Saad Mastoub, An Adventure Virtual Reality Game, May 1997 Master project abstract and game snapshots.




Our history

The CSUN Virtual Reality Lab grew out of a meeting of students and faculty interested in developing a virtual reality capability at CSUN. This group met several times before the earthQUAKE (Fall 1993) and wrote proposals for equipment and funding. While the proposals were not successful in their initial attempt some "seed" money and equipment were allocated. However, the quake sets things back a little... In the spring of 1995 we were reestablished in the current lab (JD 2212). In the fall of 1995 the Dean of the School of Engineering and the school's research and resources committee supported our efforts with a small grant. Over the years Mike Barnes has donated his Honors COOP and other "extra pay" funds from the univesity to the VR lab's research account. With the advent of the CS595VR experimental course in the Fall of 1997 (now COMP 565) the CS Department has provided most of the money to support the lab. In 2005 the Japanese Patent office supported Takao Tsubata's sabattical and research in the lab. Would you care to provide some support to this lab?

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