Welcome to RS250: Values in Religion and Culture Online

Congratulations! You are participating in one of the first wave of CSUN liberal studies course to be offered fully online. Online education provides unique opportunites for motivated students to avail themselves of a wide array of resources available on the internet and World Wide Web to explore the world's great religions and a variety of other related issues.


Very high! Online students are expected to be a highly self-motivated, ingenious, and sometimes even ingenuous breed. You will want to check the assignments page regularly to be up-to-date and timely in your performance of the required tasks. For the most part, these tasks will be interesting, informative, and fun. For example, I will be asking you to do some field research for some of our topics. Fortunately, this can all be done at your local video store, at a local theater, or even in libraries. In turn, you can expect the instructor to be there for you as you plod and explore a gamut of considerations, concepts, and metaphysical constructs in your encounter with and quest for "values" in religion and culture. Feel free to email me at anytime.

How to Begin:Click Away! click away... click away...Actually, you should bookmark the the course website since that will be your main access point to assignments and the all-important HyperNews Forums where most of the class interaction will take place. I will pose questions, tasks, provocative lectures, insights, and springboards to other venues within that most valuable tool. Make sure you read the directions well. It is really very simple and self-explanatory. At any rate, welcome aboard. We are off on an important and exciting journey together.