for prospective graduate students

Students interested in applying to the Psychological Science [formerly called General Experimental] MA program in our department are encouraged contact me to introduce yourself and your interests, ask questions about current research projects in my lab, etc.

When considering MA applicants, I look for students whose interests and experiences match well with my research program. I also consider whether I can provide prospective students with the appropriate training and mentorship that they need to reach their career goals.

for prospective undergraduate Research Assistants

I always am looking for motivated and conscientious advanced undergraduate students to join the Culture and Intergroup Relations [CAIR] Lab. You can gain valuable skills through your experience here that are applicable to your life and work, whether you choose to pursue advanced training in psychology or not.

My goals as a mentor are to expose students to exciting areas of psychological research, teach you valuable research and critical thinking skills through challenging assignments, and ultimately, help you to discover what you love doing and then help you to reach your goals.


  1. Only applicants with cumulative GPA of 3.3+ and psychology GPA of 3.5+ will be considered.

  2. All applicants for the research assistant position must have completed the following required courses for psychology majors: MATH 140, PSYC 150, PSYC 320, and PSYC 321.

  3. Ideal applicants are students in the second semester of their sophomore year or first semester of their junior year.

  4. Attention transfer students: If you have taken introductory statistics [320] and research methods [321] at another university or a community college, you may still be eligible. You are encouraged to contact Dr. Huynh directly to inquire and/or to apply for the position if you have fulfilled these prerequisites elsewhere.


  1. If selected to be a research assistant, students must commit to working a minimum of 6 hours a week for one calendar year. RAs typically work 7-10 hours each week in the lab.

  2. As members of the CAIR lab, all research assistants are expected to be respectful, professional, and responsible.

  3. Please review and be prepared to sign the RA contract at your orientation meeting with Dr. Huynh.


Research assistants perform one or more of the following duties:

  1. Attend weekly lab meetings.

  2. Read and discuss current research literature.

  3. Conduct literature searches and reviews.

  4. Manage data collection.

  5. Analyze qualitative and quantitative data.

  6. Interpret study results and formulate conclusions.

  7. Write and/or present research results.

  8. Conduct independent research projects.

  9. Work independently as well as collaboratively with Dr. Huynh and other research assistants.


  1. If you have met the prerequisites and if you agree to the requirements of an undergraduate research assistantship, complete then email the RA application and a PDF of your Degree Progress Report [DPR] from SOLAR to Dr. Huynh: qhuynh [at] csun [dot] edu.

  2. Within one week, you will be notified about whether you will be progressing to the interview stage of the application process.

  3. I usually recruit and interview potential RAs between weeks 10-15 of any given semester for the following semester.

  4. General advice on how to communicate with professors via email.