Is There Such a Thing as a Male Menopause?

Resources used to support "No"

At the time of menopause in women, there is a relatively abrupt and complete loss of ovarian function that results in markedly reduced estradiol and progesterone productions and the cessations of ovulation. This profound reduction in ovarian functions has substantial physiological consequences. Including accelerated loss of bone mass, and osteoporosis, hot flushes with accompanying sleep and behavior changes, vaginal atrophy, and loss of fertility. In contrast to women, fertility in men persists unt il a very old age and they experience a gradual and incomplete loss of testicular function. The existence of a variety of symptoms, impotence being the main one, has caused some to compare them to menopause and have termed these symptoms in men "andropau se." however, there is no conclusive empirical evidence that the majority of men undergo a hormonal "change of life" equivalent to that found in women. Perhaps the correct term of these symptoms is "mid-life crisis."


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