Is Masturbation a Necessary Expression of One's Sexuality?

Resources used to support "Yes"

Routine circumcision as preventative or cure for masturbation was proposed in Victorian England, and simultaneously in America. Masturbation was thought to be the cause of a number of diseases. The procedure of routine circumcision became common, and it consequently spread to all the English-speaking countries, where it remains, long after the masturbation hysteria of the past century has subsided. The fact of the matter is that masturbation is definitely a healthy sexual activity. It is one way to enjoy your own body., and to give yourself sexual pleasure. It can also tune you in to your own sexual likes and dislikes. You then have the choice of sharing that information with a sexual partner to enhance a sexual relationship. People believe a lo t of misinformation when it comes to masturbation. There is no harm that can come to a man or woman from this kind of self-pleasuring. Our bodies are made to feel pleasure but some people who are uncomfortable with the reality that we are born as sexual beings. Many religions go out of their way to make people feel guilty about a very natural part of life.



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