Is Masturbation a Necessary Expression of One's Sexuality?

Resources used to support "No"

There has been much controversy over the subject of sexuality and the expression of it. What better way to express sexuality than to have sex? However, it is not necessary to have sex in order to express sexuality. Since masturbating is essentially having sex with one's self, masturbation is not a necessary expression of one's sexuality. Sexuality can be expressed in various other ways, for instance appearance or personality. The only thing of which masturbation is necessary is satisfying one's li bido. It can even be argued that masturbation is merely an avenue to satisfy one's sexual desires, without expressing one's sexuality.

Sexuality is not only the ability to have sex. It is about possessing and exuding femininity or masculinity. The way one carries one's self and the male or female role one plays in life., whether it be wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend, express sexuality. These do not necessarily involve sexual acts. Therefore, masturbation is only one way to express sexuality. It is a way of satisfying physical, sexual desires.

Since the expression of sexuality does not have to involve sex, the mere satiating of one's libido is not a necessary expression of sexuality. Masturbation, although a good expression of sexuality is not a necessary one.



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