Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality

Topics Debated:

Is there a date rape crisis on campuses? Yes No
Is the sexual orientation of gay parents harmful to their children? Yes No
Is society less biased toward lesbians than toward gay males? Yes No
Are lesbians more accepted by society than are gay men? Yes No
Should surrogate motherhood be legal? Yes No
Is bisexuality a third sexual orientation? Yes No
Are gender differences rooted in the brain? Yes No
Are men really from Mars and Women from Venus? Yes No
Is sexual harassment a pervasive problem in our society today? Yes No
Should contractual sex be legal? Yes No
Can sex be an addiction? Yes No
Should pornography be banned as a threat to women? Yes No
Is rape motivated by aggression instead of by sex? Yes No
Is abstinence-only sex education effective? Yes No
Does the government have a right to prohibit homosexual behavior? Yes No
Should society recognize gay marriages? Yes No
Is homosexuality incompatible with military service? Yes No
Is chemical castration an acceptable punishment for sex offenders? Yes No
Should society regard paraphilias as sexually deviant behavior? Yes No
Should HIV-positive people be treated differently? Yes No
Does exposure to adult sexual behavior harm children? Yes No
Does explicit sexual expression in the media have harmful effects on society? Yes No
Is male circumcision harmful? Yes No
Is there a menopause in men? Yes No
Is male impotence usually a psychological versus a medical problem? Yes No
Is sexual assault in prisons caused by sexual desire? Yes No
Is masturbation a necessary expression of one's sexuality? Yes No
Do aphrodisiacs chemically alter sexual arousal/performance? Yes No
Is sadomasochism a destructive form of sex? Yes No
Does hysterectomy reduce sex drive? Yes No
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