Does Hysterectomy Reduce Sex Drive?

Resources used to support "Yes"

Approximately 600,000 American women will undergo a hysterectomy this year. What is startling to realize is that in more than one third of these cases, women will suffer diminished sexual feelings or desires (Dranov). Much of this loss of sexual desi re is related to the type of hysterectomy that is performed. There are three major types of hysterectomy: total, subtotal and radical. In radical hysterectomies, both the ovaries and tubes are removed. In total hysterectomy, the ovaries and tubes may o r may not be removed. The removal of a woman's ovaries can be detrimental to her sex drive due to the fact that ovaries function to secrete estrogen and androgen (a hormone linked to sex drive). The loss or decreased availability of these hormones facil itates the need for hormone replacement therapy to make a woman feel normal again. Other factor which can contribute to hysterectomy related loss of sexual drive are: partner relationships, frequency of sexual intercourse prior to surgery, and amount of counseling and support from doctors and friends. If these factors are not positive, women will suffer adverse affects such as decreased sexual drive and depression.


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