Does Hysterectomy Reduce Sex Drive?

Resources used to support "No"

Aging and surgical operations on reproductive organs are often assumed to cause a reduction in sex drive. The hot flashes and genito-urinary atrophy which are common menopausal symptoms possibly combined with a partner's erectile problems (experienced by heterosexual couples) are usually associated with a decreased sexual desire. Similarly, premature menopause brought about by a hysterectomy, the removal of the uterus, is commonly associated with adverse effects on sexual desire. However, data suppor ted by extensive research indicates that neither aging nor hysterectomy affect sexual desire negatively. Despite the physical changes and problems that aging or a hysterectomy may bring about, most studies show that people continue to have satisfying sex ual experiences throughout their life. Research results indicate that sexual desire before and after either menopause or hysterectomy is likely to remain unchanged may even be enhanced.


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