Is bisexuality a third sexual orientation?

Resources used to support "no."

In addition to heterosexuality and homosexuality, bisexuality is now being defined as a sexual orientation in itself. Not everyone agrees with this, however, including lesbians and gay men. Bisexuality is sometimes regarded as "having the best of both worlds" or as a phase that many people go through in becoming exclusively heterosexual or homosexual. Another view is that bisexuality is a part of curiosity and sexual experimentation but not a permanent way of life; it may be acceptable because sexual experimentation is considered by many people as being a part of healthy development. However, when bisexuality is classified as a separate sexual orientation, curiosity, sexual experimentation or personal development are usually not part of the equation. Many people believe that a person should decide, based on their inner feeling, if they are homosexual or heterosexual, not trapped between the two. [Stacy Baker]