Is society less biased toward lesbians than toward gay males?

Resources used to support "yes."

Gays and lesbians are constantly subjected to discrimination by society. Many people are uncomfortable with the thought of two women or two men having an intimate relationship like heterosexual couples. Even though homosexuality is still a taboo, lesbians are more accepted by society than are gay males. In the media, intimacy between two women is often portrayed as a "turn on," whereas intimacy between two men is usually portrayed as awkward and strange. The episode of the sitcom Roseanne in which two women kissed was highly rated. But an episode with two gay men in Thirtysomething set off an uproar - but these men barely touched and never kissed each other! Subtle differences in public perceptions may help society tolerate lesbianism while it views gay men more negatively. [LaLaunie Hayes]


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