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CP Sci 9- 1st Sem.

Gen Chem - 1st Sem.

Homework Rubric



Name:                               Class:

Title:                                                                                                                    Date:

Section: (I: Vocabulary, II: Key Points, III: Problems)

1)  Correct numbering in each section.

2)  Complete sentences are required if a one word answer is not sufficient. (hint: try restating the question)

3)  You may be marked down if the homework is not legible.

4)  Homework pages can be downloaded and modified off of the website

Section III: Problems

        1)  ALL problems should include all of the work. 

        2)  Papers turned in with answers only will be marked down.

                A)  Where charts are concerned. 

                        i)  The completed chart is sufficient to show evidence of work.

                B)  Dimensional Analysis (general work problem)

                        i)  formula    problem setup    =    answer

                        ex:  The runner on an oval track runs the 400m in 80s.  what is the runner's average speed?

                            m/s    400m/80s    =    5m/s


You should be prepared to take a homework quiz the day your homework is due.  The final grade for your homework is a combination of a completeness score plus the quiz score.


A: Neat, answers correct, no significant spelling and punctuation errors, rubric followed

B: Neat, some or no wrong answers, some or no significant spelling and punctuation errors, rubric followed

C: Neat, some wrong answers, some spelling & punctuation errors, rubric followed

D: Neat or Messy, some or many wrong answers, some spelling and punctuation errors, rubric not followed


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