What Is Sound?


    1.    Explain how sound waves are produced.

    2.    Relate the pitch of sound to its properties.

    3.    Describe the movement of sound through air.




Wave Model of Sound:

All sound waves are caused by a vibration of molecules in a medium. Whether you speak and your vocal chords vibrate or you strum a guitar and the string vibrates, all sound is the result of a vibration of some sort of medium.  The interpretation of the frequency of sound is called pitch.  

Frequency and Pitch:

The pitch is how high or low a sound is.

(sol.sci.uop.edu/~jfalward/soundinterference/ flute.jpg)

Sound waves are longitudinal or compression waves and have the following characteristics.

(www.dilettantesdictionary.com/ defimages/rarefaction.gif)