Speed & Velocity:


   1.    Define motion and Speed.

   2.    Calculate speed using the formula s = d/t.

   3.    Distinguish between constant, instantaneous, and average speed.

   4.    Represent speed graphically as d/t.

   5.    Distinguish between speed and velocity.

Key Terms:

    average speed    instantaneous speed    speed    velocity    rate

Web Resources:



   www.hyper-former.com/physics1/syllabus.htm    (check out vectors and speed)


Speed:    (d/t)                 

Speed is simply the distance an object has traveled divided by the time it took to get there. It is the measure of how fast something is going.


   Velocity can simply be stated as speed with direction.

        Think about this.

        While on the track team you run the 400m, on an oval track, in 50 seconds.