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CP Sci 9- 1st Sem.

Gen Chem - 1st Sem.

Class Rules and Responsibilities:

A.     Each student is required to bring the following items to class EVERY TIME CLASS MEETS.

1)         Covered textbook.

2)         2 pencils.  (NO pens on lab write ups or tests / pencils required for tests)

3)         Your note book with paper to be used in class.

4)         Colored pencils are recommended for lab (block) days.

5)    Calculator (programmable, cell phones, and Palm devices are not allowed on test)


B.     Students are required to maintain a notebook which will contain 4 sections:

1)         Class/Home work

2)         Lab reports

3)         Notes (printed or in your own hand writing)

4)         Quizzes / Warm-ups

              (Each section should be properly labeled and arranged chronologically.  Notebooks will be checked at the end of each quarter.)

C.   Student Conduct:

    1)    When the bell rings you are expected to be in your seats and ready to begin the dayís activities. (Students not in their seats may be marked tardy)

                a.                  Warm-up

                                                   i.         Questions reflect the previous days lecture

                                                 ii.         Completed warm-ups will be placed in chronological order in the science notebook

                b.                  Lecture

                                                     i.         There is to be NO talking during lecture. 

                                                    ii.         Notes are to be organized, by date and section, and placed in the science notebook.

                c.                   Class-Work

                                                      i.         You are required to work individually unless otherwise instructed.

                                                    ii.         There should be a minimum of talking.

                                    1.                  EBS books are recommended for fast workers.

                                    2.                  Talking should be related to the task being performed

        2)                  Students will remain in their assigned seats unless they have the teacherís permission. (Bathroom passes will not be granted during the first 5 minutes or during lecture.)

        3)                  Respect others and their property!  (Everyone is to be treated with respect!  Threatening gestures towards or senseless teasing of other students will result in immediate referral to the Assistant Principal.)

        4)                  For confidentiality reasons, students are not permitted behind either of my desks, to use my computer or any of the file or storage cabinets without explicit permission from me.

        5)                  Water bottles with sports tops are the only thing to be consumed in class unless you have a documented medical need.

        6)                  Any sort of plagiarism or cheating whether on class-work or exams will result in a zero on the assignment, detention, and immediate referral to the Assistant Principle.

D.    Students will be required to pay for any equipment damaged or broken due to           NEGLIGENT or UNAUTHORIZED use

 E.    Make-up, cell phones, CD players, Computer games, cards or anything that distracts from the learning process or interferes with work completion will not be used in class. 

        1)       Items may be confiscated and sent to the Assistant Principal for retrieval by the parent.


Last modified: January 27, 2005