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CP Sci 9- 1st Sem.

Gen Chem - 1st Sem.

Lab Rubric



Purpose: One complete sentence explaining why you are doing the lab

Materials: A list of everything used in the lab


Data: measurements, charts, calculations, and graphs

Post Lab Questions: Answered in complete sentences

Conclusion: One well-written paragraph that should include:

    1)     Restatement of purpose

    2)     Explanation of accurate results (what went right)

         a.        (While averaging the three trials we were able to accurately measure the rate of acceleration as                             3m/s2 at a height of 25cm, 9m/s2 at a height of 50cm, )

    3)     Explanation of significant errors (what went wrong)

        a.        (Significant errors may have been present with the release mechanism and manual timing of the                         trials )

    4)      Methods of improving results (what could be done next time)

        a.       (A hole could have been drilled into the tubing, which would allow for a pencil to be used as a                         starting gate.  This would decrease inefficiencies related to delayed starting and added initial                         velocity.  Additionally, a laser timer could be used )


A: Neat, answers correct, no significant spelling and punctuation errors, rubric followed

B: Neat, some or no wrong answers, some or no significant spelling and punctuation errors, rubric followed

C: Neat, some wrong answers, some spelling & punctuation errors, rubric followed

D: Neat or Messy, some or many wrong answers, some spelling and punctuation errors, rubric not followed




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