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CP Sci 9- 1st Sem.

Gen Chem - 1st Sem.

Solid/liquid Calculations:          
mass to mole     mass to particles    
given mass mol   given mass mol 6.02 x1023  
formula wt.     formula wt. mol  
mole to mass     particles to mass    
given moles formula wt   given particles mol formula wt  
  mol     6.02 x1023 mol  
particles to mole          
given particles mol          
  6.02 x1023          
moles to particles          
given moles 6.02 x1023          
Volume (gas) Calculations:        
moles gas to volume   mass gas to volume    
given moles 22.4L   given mass mol 22.4L  
mol     formula wt. mol  
volume gas to mole   volume gas to mass    
given volume mol   given volume mol formula wt  
22.4L     22.4L mol  
    volume gas to particles    
      given volume mol 6.02 x1023  
      22.4L mol  
    particles gas to volume    
    given particles mol 22.4L  
        6.02 x1023 mol  





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