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Solubility Equilibria


    1.    Compare dissolution with precipitation.

    2.    Describe equilibria for aqueous solutions of ionic solids.

Key Terms:

    dissolution        precipitations        solubility equilibrium        solubility product

Notes: (17-1)

As we discussed earlier, ionic solids dissolve in polar solvents (water) due to the their charged ends.  Since the ionic solid forms a lattice (repeating sequence of positive and negative ions) dissolution of the ionic solid is fairly consistent and predictable.

dissolution is the process in which an ionic solid dissolves in a polar solvent
saturation is the point where the maximum dissolution has taken place
precipitation is the regeneration of the ions in a solution
solubility equilibrium is the point where the rate of dissolution is equal to the rate of precipitation
The solubility product represents the solid that is dissolved in solution
Ksp = [Na+][Cl-]

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