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(Take-home Quiz - Answer in complete neat sentences so I can read it!)

1.  Define the following terms.

    a.    dissolution

    b.    precipitation

    c.    solubility

    d.    equilibrium

2.    In a solution, when does chemical equilibrium exist?

3.    List two ways that you can increase the forward reaction in a solution by either adding or deleting reactants or products.



4.    What do the terms "equilibrium lies to the left" and "equilibrium lies to the right" mean? 

5.    What does Le Chatelier's principle say about a change in conditions?


6.    What can be done to a solution to dissolve more reactants (change the equilibrium constant)?

7.    Draw the chemical reaction of a 

    a.    precipitation reaction

    b.    dissolution reaction

8.    What is the difference between a heterogeneous mixture and a homogeneous solution?



9.    What the chemical symbols for 

    a.    aqueous

    b.    liquid

    c.    solid

    d.    gas

10.    In a solution when does precipitation occur?

11.    Why is fluoride added to toothpaste?

12.    What is a reversible reaction?

13.    What are the reaction symbols for

    a.    a reversible reaction

    b.    a reaction that goes to completion



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