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Review  Chapter 13

1.    List the 4 variables in the Ideal gas law.  (include their units)


2.    How does the term mole relate to gases at STP?

3.    Define barometer.

4.    Define manometer.

5.    List the conditions of STP.


6.    List Boyle's law including the conditions.


7.    List Charles' law including the conditions.


8.    What is absolute zero?

9.    What is air made of?

10.    What are the 6 properties of gases?




11.    Most gases exits as what type of atoms?  (monatomic, diatomic, polyatomic)

12.    What is an elastic collision?

13.    Define diffusion.

14.    Define effusion.

15.    List Avogadro's law including the conditions.


16.    List Dalton's law.


17.    How is the value of R determined?

18.    How does the Kinetic-molecular theory account for relationship between pressure and temperature?

19.    Where are the monatomic atoms located on the periodic table?

20.    Why is there atmospheric pressure on the Earth?  Why don't you feel it?

21.    What happens to atmospheric pressure with an increase in altitude?

22.    Interpret the manometers in figure 13-14 (pg. 428) They are on the test!

23.    Questions:    pg. 454-455

36.                                                                          37.                                                                











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