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Chemical Equations:


    1.    Explain how a chemical equation describes what happens in a chemical reaction.

    2.    Explain how a balanced chemical equation illistrates the law of conservation of matter.

Key Terms:

    Chemical equation    Balanced chemical equation    Coefficient

Notes: (9-2)

A chemical equation is the shorthand used by chemists to describe a chemical reaction.  Just as in math the equation matches the number and type of reactants with the products.

Chemical Equations:

No matter what is being reacted it is important to remember that the mass of the reaction must be conserved.  The reactants must match the products.

The types and numbers of atoms in the reactants must match the type and numbers of atoms in the products.
When the atoms in the reactants match the products the equation is said to be balanced.
The number that is placed in front of an atom or molecule to represent the amount of the substance is called the coefficient

To balance this equation we must make all of the atoms in the reactants match the products.

2a = 2c to balance Na
4a = c + e to balance S
6a + 2b = 4c + d + 4e to balance O
2b = 2d + 2e to balance H

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