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Chapter 11 Review:

1.    List the steps in the mass-mass stoichiometry conversion.


2.    What does STP mean?  What are its values?  What is the volume of gas?

3.    What are coefficients & what do the coefficients in gas-gas reactions represent?

4.    What is a mole?

5.    Who determined how much of a substance is in a mole?

6.    What are the steps in the moles to gas equation?


7.    How do you determine the molar ratio in a reaction?

8.    What does the atomic weight of an element represent?

9.    What type of problem is STP not used in?

10.    What is a limiting reactant?  How does it determine the amount of product in a reaction?

11.    Write the conversions for moles to mass, moles to volume, and mass to volume.


12.    What is stoichiometry and what is its purpose?

13.    What is the difference between the expected and actual yield of a reaction?

14.    How does the Law of conservation of mass support stoichiometry?

15.    What is percent yield and what are three possible causes?

16.    How are molar ratios in a reaction determined?

******** Be able to solve simple examples of the four reaction types ********



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