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Hurricanes and Winter Storms 


    1.    Describe the formation and effects of hurricanes, and the measures taken to mitigate their damage.

    2.    Describe the weather conditions associated with mid-latitude lows during winter.

Key Terms:

    hurricane        storm surge        Saffir-Simpson scale        blizzard

Notes: (20.4)

The word hurricane conjures up images of blown down trees, flooding and mass destruction.  Hurricanes are a seasonal events on the Eastern seaboard and in the tropics (5o-20o).  The damage that they can create can completely devastate and destroy whole communities.  They are characterized by strong sustained winds above 119km/hr and sustained rain.  

Formation of a Hurricane(moving gif courtesy of www.nhc.noaa.gov)

Starts as a tropical depression over a large body of water - low created by moisture
As the humid air rises and condenses the pressure continues to drop in the center creating a counterclockwise rotating cloud mass
The cloud mass will continue to grow as long as there is a source of moisture


Wind speed
1-61km/h = tropical depression
61-119km/h = tropical storm
119 & up = hurricane
Hurricanes will strengthen ONLY when the reside over warm water
weaken quickly over land

Hurricane Photo(www.tyndall.af.mil/ HURRICANE.jpg)

(www.9wusa.com/images/ w_hurricanenames.gif)










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