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Prof Pat Swenson

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Elements of Fiction

Literary Theory

Myth & Archetype: The Hero's Quest

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Department of English

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Humanities Program

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The Story of Harriet Tubman by Kate McMullan - Discussion Guide


Historical People

Harriet Tubman, Ben Ross, Rit Ross, John Tubman

Mr. & Mrs. Cook, Edward Brodas, Miss Susan, Miss Emily, Barrett's Runaway Slave

Quaker Woman, Mr. Trent, Charles Nalle, Nelson Davis, Sarah Bradford


Person-against-self - an internal conflict of feelings.

Person-against-person - the typical protagonist vs. antagonist scenario.

Person-against-society - the protagonist battles against the larger organizations of society
(or a system of beliefs held by society).

Person-against-nature - the protagonist is threatened by a component of nature.


Analyze themes such as: racism, friendship, loyalty, injustice, courage, freedom, cruelty, love, betrayal, equality, good vs. evil.

Describe the purpose of slave songs and spirituals.

Describe the life of a slave vs. the life of a newly-freed Black American.

Pre-Reading/Post-Reading Activities

Geography: Underground Railroad Routes, Mason-Dixon Line, Canada.

Science: Nature, Astronomy, Weather

U.S. Laws: Fugitive Slave Law, Emancipation Proclamation, 13th Amendment.

Social Science: Plantation Life, Inequality & Slavery, Slave Songs.

Vocabulary: Abolitionists, Quakers, Slave Hunters, The Civil War.

Art & Culture: Purpose & Art of Quiltmaking.