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An Inconvenient Truth - Film Analysis Assignment
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An Inconvenient Truth - Film Analysis Assignment


An Inconvenient Truth is a film that presents an argument. This argument is:

  • that human use of resources is releasing increasing amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,
  • which is leading to increased temperatures,
  • which are in turn changing our environment in ways that are and will increasingly continue to be harmful to the earth and its people.
  • It is both governments’ and individual people’s responsibility to improve the situation by their actions. This is both a political and a moral imperative.

An Inconvenient Truth finishes with this statement:

    Future generations may well have occasion to ask themselves: ‘What were our parents thinking? Why didn’t they wake up when they had a chance?’ We have to hear that question, from them, now.’

After you have viewed the film, please write a 750 word analysis in response to the following questions. Use specific references from the film, An Inconvenient Truth to prove your points!

  • 1. Do you agree that human activity is creating greenhouse gases that are contributing to global warming that may create harmful effects in the world?
  • 2. If not, demonstrate/provide evidence that human activity is not having this effect.
  • 3. Do you believe that you have a personal responsibility to act in a way that reduces personal greenhouse gas emissions?
  • 4. Do you agree with Gore’s statement above?
  • 5. How would you answer the question?

Remember to post your analysis on our Moodle page by the due date listed in our schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this assignment will be discussed by peers in a discussion forum, papers posted AFTER our the due date cannot earn a grade higher than a C!!!