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Elements of Fiction

Literary Theory

Myth & Archetype: The Hero's Quest

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The Hours by Michael Cunningham - Literary Discussion Guide



Virginia Woolf, Laura Brown, Clarissa Vaughan, Richard Leonard Woolf, Dan Brown, Richie Brown, Kitty (Laura's Friend), Sally Lester, Julia Vaughan, Louis Waters, Vanessa Bell


Person-against-self - an internal conflict of feelings.

Person-against-person - the typical protagonist vs. antagonist scenario.

Person-against-society - the protagonist battles against the larger organizations of society
(or a system of beliefs held by society).

Person-against-nature - the protagonist is threatened by a component of nature.

Themes, Motifs, and Symbols

Dream of Happiness, Love, Connection, Human Possibility, Personal Freedom

Identity, Duty, Suicide, Bi-Sexuality, AIDS

Women defining themselves in terms of men, Mrs. Dalloway

Setting: Time & Place

1925-1941 - Sussex, England (Suburb of London)

1950s - Los Angeles

2001 - New York City

Aspects of the Film Production

Musical Score (Philip Glass)