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Children's Literature - Fables & Folktales Assignment



As an overview for our analysis of Fables & Folktales, please read the Riverside introduction to each section. No written response is required for this part of the assignment.

The Oral Tradition: The Cauldron of Story -- pgs. 225-226

Fables -- pgs. 227-229

Folktales -- pgs. 245-251


Choose one of the following fables and write a 250 word analysis. Please discuss the moral of the fable and how you would incorporate the story's lessons into the classroom (discuss a few crossover subjects such as art, history, science lessons, geography, math).

AESOP: The Shepherd's Boy and the Wolf

AESOP: The Hare and the Tortoise

INDIA: The Golden Goose (p 235)

WEST AFRICAN: The Story of the Hungry Elephant

MODERN: The Bad Kangaroo


Read ALL of the following folktales/fairytales from the list below and choose one to create a cutout (die-cut) pattern for a bulletin board display. Your cutout pattern must be based on a theme or element of the story, and must include a short written assignment. Please complete one sample (not an entire bulletin board!) and be prepared to show your work to the class. Ex: For the fairytale Snow White, you might design an apple cutout with words written on the apple that describe nutritional food items.

GERMANY - Hansel & Gretel

FRANCE - Little Red Riding-Hood

ENGLAND - The Story of the Three Little Pigs

MEXICO - Why the Burro Lives with the Man