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Children's Literature - Epics & Romances Assignment



As an overview for our analysis, please read the Riverside introduction on Epics and Romances (pgs. 562-566). No written response is required for this part of the assignment.


Please read ALL of the following epics and romances:

GREECE - Heracles

ENGLAND - King Arthur & His Sword

SPAIN - The Cid

INDIA - Rama

Choose one epic or romance and write a 250 word response analyzing the following aspects.

1. How does this epic/romance supply a model for human behavior?

2. Describe the grandeur of the tale, and the emotions and passions it portrays.

3. How does it show the ideals or belief systems of the society?

4. Does it show concepts of courage and loyalty?

5. Define the archetypal hero. How does the hero confront danger, mortality?

6. How might the concept of the individual as hero affect individuals, cultures and/or religions?

7. Define any themes, symbols, morals.

8. How might it be viewed as sacred, mystical or religious?

9. Lastly, please include how you might teach your epic/romance to children (discussing related subject areas such as art, history, science, geography, math).


In addition, please create a STORY MAP, identifying your Epic's story components (setting, main characters, problem, and solution). Your STORY MAPS will serve as a tool to teach reading comprehension and story structure.