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Myth & Archetype: The Hero's Quest

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The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier - Discussion Guide



Jerry Renault, Archie Costello, Emile Janza, The Vigils

Obie, Carter, Goober, Brian Cochran

Brother Leon, Brother Eugene, Football Coach, Jerry's Father, Brother Jacques


Person-against-self - an internal conflict of feelings.

Person-against-person - the typical protagonist vs. antagonist scenario.

Person-against-society - the protagonist battles against the larger organizations of society
(or a system of beliefs held by society).

Person-against-nature - the protagonist is threatened by a component of nature.


Themes: Coming of Age, Disturbing the Universe, Psychological Warfare, Fear, Manipulation, Power, Individualism, Peer Pressure, Violence and Cruelty, Coping with the Death of a Parent, Life at an All-Boys High School

Symbols: Jerry's Poster, The Chocolates, Room Nineteen

Motifs: Assignments, Football, Roll Call