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Cast Away - Film Analysis Assignment
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Cast Away - Film Analysis Assignment


For your film analysis assignment, please rent or purchase the film “Cast Away” (2000). Although you will be viewing “nature as fiction,” I would like you to consider the thematic and psychological metamorphosis the character Chuck Noland (played by Tom Hanks) undergoes during the course of the film. For your 1000 word analysis, please discuss ALL of the following story elements. Remember to post your analysis on our Moodle page by the due date listed in our schedule.

1. The Chuck Noland Character Pre-Crash

     a. Attitudes as Federal Express Executive
     (Time-Obsessed, Motion-Oriented, Frantic Work Schedule)

     b. His Relationships Before Crash
     (Fiancee Kelly, Fed Ex Employees, Family)

2. Life on a Deserted Island

     a. Survival Skills
     (food, fire, clothing, shelter, escape)

     b. Coping with Loneliness/Isolation

     c. His Relationships on Island
     (Self, Wilson, Fed Ex Packages)

     d. Desperation/Hope and the Future

3. The Chuck Nolan Character After Crash

     a. His Relationships After Return/Rescue

     b. His New-Found Attitudes Toward Life, Love, Nature.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this assignment will be discussed by peers in a discussion forum, papers posted AFTER our the due date cannot earn a grade higher than a C!!!