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Children's Art & Literature Project


English 428 - Children's Literature

Individual Art Project (Based on an Assigned Course Reading)

For your final assignment, I would like you to create an individual art project that you would assign to a class of children. You may choose any age level for the project; however, keep in mind that your completed project must reflect that age group.

The theme of your project should focus on one of the readings from our class this semester. You may choose your theme from any of our novels or from the Riverside Text. You may also have your project reflect one of the cultures that we discussed in our readings (aka Native American or Jewish culture), or you may focus on a character or characters from one of our books.

Here are some possible projects: diorama, mobile, papier mache sculpture, puppets, crayon or pen/ink drawings, collage, costumes or jewelry, or anything you can think of. Make your project fun, inexpensive and original! Remember these projects should be simple enough to do in a classroom setting, so you will not have to transform yourself into da Vinci or Michelangelo!

We will display all projects during the last class meeting and you will be given a few moments to describe your piece of art! Please be prepared to tell/show how your art project relates specifically to one of our readings. Please type directions on how to create your project (with a list of ingredients and supplies) and xerox copies for your classmates. The art project will be graded 'A' for effort. The more effort you put into your project, the higher your grade. Keep in mind that no late projects will be accepted.

NOTE: You must create your own individual art project and it must clearly reflect one of our assigned readings! Please DO NOT use a project that was created at your school or created by someone else! You will be marked down for a project that does NOT specifically relate to one of our readings.