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Professor Pat Swenson, CSUN

Professor Pat Swenson, Department of English & Liberal Studies Program.

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Prof. Pat Swenson

Campus Email: pat.swenson@csun.edu

Sierra Tower 833

Phone: 818.677.0905

Office Hours: Wed 12:30-1:30pm

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Department of English

708 Sierra Tower
Phone: 818.677.3431

English Department Website

Liberal Studies Program

EA 100
Phone: 818.677.3300

Liberal Studies Website

Student Resources

Professor Pat Swenson


Fall 2018 Class Schedule

  • English 255OL - Introduction to Literature
  • English 300OL - Contemporary Literature
  • English 364OL - The Short Story
  • Humanities 101 - Forms and Ideas - Hybrid Monday
  • Humanities 101 - Forms and Ideas - Hybrid Wednesday

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